Tubidy App features review and comparison with Mp3SKull

Tubidy is an application for apple phones and tablets. You can easily search the music file from the internet and download it your mobile phones and listen to them. This app is mainly designed for apple phone but it can be downloaded to android devices, but however due to not meeting the legal rights and agreements, it is not available in the Google Play Store but still you can download it through other sites which allow you to download the android apps besides Google Play Store for example Get Jar, Mobogenie, Slide Me and others.


This site does not host any music files in its server but it helps you to find and lets you download the music files from other third party servers. Basically, it works as a mediator between you and other hosts which allow you to listen to free music and download them.

This app provides you with different features for your conveniences. Some of them are as follows:

  • This app lets you search the music files online for free

When you search for any songs through this app, this app searches on the internet for file name on the internet and it displays the numerous results for your search and if you want it you can either listen online or download the files.

As the server of this app does not host any files, sometimes users may face the problem of downloading different music files. It will be difficult for a user to find the original songs and playlists as this app depend upon different server for those music files. All this app does is find the files with the same name and displays it to you and you have to decide yourself whether the song is original or not or you want to download it or not.

  • You can browse your user profile and playlists anywhere and in anytime

After you log in the apps, it stores your profiles and information about your profile on the internet. This helps you to browse your user profile and playlists anywhere in anytime. In case you lost your phone or you want to listen to your playlists in your friends mobile, you can simply log in to your profile from any other device and browse your playlists and enjoy your favorite songs.

  • It has simple interface platform so that you can easily manage your local playlists and music files

The developer had developed the interface simple and easy. The commands are very easy and you can easily manage your local play lists in your device without any difficulties. You can easily delete the files you don’t want, create your new play lists, manage existing playlists and delete the play lists if you are tired of listening to the tracks and playlists for many times. Almost similar features are also available in mp3 skulls but it has a better UI as compared to tubidy and is one of the competitors of this service.

  • You can share your playlists with your friends

You can not only listen your playlist in other device but also you can share your favorite playlists with your friends and get their favorite lists in your phone.