Homeschooling is a new way of educating the kids at home. This schooling system is being more and more popular and also effective for the children as they are well educated by their parents at home under full control.

The curriculum for homeschooling is similar in the school but the difference is in school they are taught by various teachers whereas in homeschooling the kids get an education in their home being under full control from their parents.

Homeschool curriculum is regarded as a wise by many parents whereas some expert thinks homeschooling and its curriculum is not so good. As they think, the kids will miss the new experience to meet with new friends and new world and to deal with them. Various parents and experts reviewed this curriculum as good and bad ways. Some of the reviews of the parents and other experts regarding the homeschooling curriculum are:

Pros of Homeschooling

Less pressure to handle for the kids

Children won’t need to handle huge pressure from the teachers regarding their assignments and duties of the school. They can learn the things with cool mind and as they are taught by their parents, they will learn with more fun. As in school, they will be taught by the teachers and get pressure from different teachers for different subjects

No pressure of studying and being punished

Kids can study without any hurry. They can study as per their convenient time. There won’t be any punishments if they can’t submit the assignment in time. As sometimes, students have good reason for not being able to do their assignment but due to rules and regulations, they will be punished physically or they will be pressurized mentally


Study with a joy

The learner can learn with a joy. They don’t have to face the bullying from their friends in homeschooling. They can learn with a joy in their home with their parents. Whereas if the kids are learning by going to school, they might face the bullying, punishment, follow unnecessary rules and regulations and have mental pressure. But if they are homeschooled, they will get rid of all of these problems.

Also, the kids can continue their studies after middle school and do their high school online. They can get their online high school diploma through Homeschooling.

Cons of Homeschooling curriculum

Boring for kids and parents

Sometimes kids and parents might feel boring to have always needing to face each other 24 hours a day. This will reduce the interests of teaching and learning for parents and kids.

Carelessness from the kid

The kids might ignore to care for their assignments and other educational activities as they are assured that they will not be punished badly like in school. So they probably ignore the assignments and work which is harder and complicated by which their education will be badly hampered.

No extra activities for the kids

When you are homeschooling, your kids will miss the opportunity to explore the extra fun such as through educational tour, sports week, visits for educational purposes, practical works and stuffs in computer labs and science labs and more.