Unblocked games are simply irresistible for kids. From hundreds of games, only few got popularity because those are straight forward by rules and using keys anyone can start playing while launching the games does not require any special adjustment! Happy Wheels is one of them. Frankly speaking, it is a very interesting game especially for the car race lovers and other gamers who love to drift and slide.

I am a hardcore gamer and I personally liked it for its simplicity and the way it keeps glued you until you finish. It’s famous as one of the most played unblocked games by the school kids. If you are a school student then using the computer of your school, you can easily play this game, and even you can jump into competition with your friends.

Happy Wheels Game Review

First of all let us say that, this game nothing else but a game which can be played using the arrows of the keyboard of your computer.

Game play of the Happy Wheels

There is no big deal. Using the arrow, you need to go on to the right direction. At first, you have to select a character from the five given. Every character has a different way to slide on the ground.

It’s not about easy rolling

When you begin, the terrains will be easy but after few minutes you will be landed to some different terrains with a hell lot of problems. And you need to take care of every step you are taking in every second.

Levels and rewards

Let’s talk a little about the points and the rewards when you complete each level. Once you have crossed one level, you will get another place compiled with many other tough terrains and obstacles. By completing every level you will get some upgraded machines which are more stable to roll with.

There are twenty levels but trust me completing the first level will leave the impact of heavy skills you need to pass every level.

Tips and Tricks to play the game

Let’s come into the game tricks and helps. Here are the few tips which you can apply while playing this game. These may help you to understand the whole game properly and what you need to do every time while a hurdle comes.

  • Tap the “UP” arrow twice when the hurdle is big, for an example take a tall wall which you have a cross. Otherwise, in all cases, you can tap the “UP” arrow for a single time to cross the hurdles.
  • Use the “UP” arrow when you are about to climb an inclined plane and press the “Down” arrow while coming down from an inclined plane!
  • Pressing the “LEFT” arrow starts retardation and slows you when any moving object comes in front of you while the “RIGHT” arrow speeds you up.

Take the Challenges of this unblocked game and start the game right now and sharpen some skills so that you can get an edge over your friends while playing in school’s computer. No doubt, it’s an utmost interesting unblocked game for the kids.