What are the responsibilities of the students?

There are many responsibilities of the students which incorporate: to participate in group discussion, to submit work on time, to communicate through email or message with the teacher, to discuss any issues if arises.

What are the roles of the teacher which they do play?

They provide feedback & guidance, to discuss on an online course, as well as evaluate work of students. They are generally experts in their subjects as well as to review student work and to provide feedback on their work. Teachers give marks to the assignment, to conduct class discussion online, to answer queries via message & email and many more things. Also, the teachers would need to design a high school diploma template for the students.

What are the roles of parents?

Parents play a major role in the activities of student as well as teacher. The work of students is greatly influence by the parents as well as to keep them on schedule & to resolve issues.

Do online high school programs support flexible time schedule?

Each semester has specific start or end date as well as the specific date to complete assignment. Students need to take part in the discussion and they also have flexible schedules for study. The assigned assignments need to be completed on time since this evaluates the outcomes of students. If the provided assignment might completed on time they can talk to their teacher on this.

Can I access the record?

Parents as well as the students can access progress reports 24*7. These progress reports are available in excel files which can be download with ease. Student can also download the semester report of the students. Moreover, parents can have access the teacher grade in only read only version. One cannot access the final grade until the course is completed. You can request the progress report of the student to administration or teacher.

How one can enroll their kids?

In order to enroll in the school, you need to own the course. For this, you must to visit the online high school. Here you can find all the information regarding enrollment in the course.

Are the students graduating from online high school valid?

Yes, the students graduating from the online high school is valid since it is state issued diploma which is recognized by universities & colleges worldwide.

Can a student join college after this?

Yes, one can easily join the college after graduating the online high school. They can further continue their study after completing their study. One benefit of joining online high course is that it provides you workshops so that one could start their career right from the high school.

How high school benefit in other ways?

Online high school program is serving their customers in many ways. This course provides you the opportunity to join college or offers you to join workshop so that you could build your career or learn things which is very beneficial to be successful in the career. Online high school diploma is benefiting the students who are unable to complete their study due to some reasons.