What are the responsibilities of the students?

There are many responsibilities of the students which incorporate: to participate in group discussion, to submit work on time, to communicate through email or message with the teacher, to discuss any issues if arises.

What are the roles of the teacher which they do play?

They provide feedback & guidance, to discuss on an online course, as well as evaluate work of students. They are generally experts in their subjects as well as to review student work and to provide feedback on their work. Teachers give marks to the assignment, to conduct class discussion online, to answer queries via message & email and many more things. Also, the teachers would need to design a high school diploma template for the students.

What are the roles of parents?

Parents play a major role in the activities of student as well as teacher. The work of students is greatly influence by the parents as well as to keep them on schedule & to resolve issues.

Do online high school programs support flexible time schedule?

Each semester has specific start or end date as well as the specific date to complete assignment. Students need to take part in the discussion and they also have flexible schedules for study. The assigned assignments need to be completed on time since this evaluates the outcomes of students. If the provided assignment might completed on time they can talk to their teacher on this.

Can I access the record?

Parents as well as the students can access progress reports 24*7. These progress reports are available in excel files which can be download with ease. Student can also download the semester report of the students. Moreover, parents can have access the teacher grade in only read only version. One cannot access the final grade until the course is completed. You can request the progress report of the student to administration or teacher.

How one can enroll their kids?

In order to enroll in the school, you need to own the course. For this, you must to visit the online high school. Here you can find all the information regarding enrollment in the course.

Are the students graduating from online high school valid?

Yes, the students graduating from the online high school is valid since it is state issued diploma which is recognized by universities & colleges worldwide.

Can a student join college after this?

Yes, one can easily join the college after graduating the online high school. They can further continue their study after completing their study. One benefit of joining online high course is that it provides you workshops so that one could start their career right from the high school.

How high school benefit in other ways?

Online high school program is serving their customers in many ways. This course provides you the opportunity to join college or offers you to join workshop so that you could build your career or learn things which is very beneficial to be successful in the career. Online high school diploma is benefiting the students who are unable to complete their study due to some reasons.

Unblocked games are simply irresistible for kids. From hundreds of games, only few got popularity because those are straight forward by rules and using keys anyone can start playing while launching the games does not require any special adjustment! Happy Wheels is one of them. Frankly speaking, it is a very interesting game especially for the car race lovers and other gamers who love to drift and slide.

I am a hardcore gamer and I personally liked it for its simplicity and the way it keeps glued you until you finish. It’s famous as one of the most played unblocked games by the school kids. If you are a school student then using the computer of your school, you can easily play this game, and even you can jump into competition with your friends.

Happy Wheels Game Review

First of all let us say that, this game nothing else but a game which can be played using the arrows of the keyboard of your computer.

Game play of the Happy Wheels

There is no big deal. Using the arrow, you need to go on to the right direction. At first, you have to select a character from the five given. Every character has a different way to slide on the ground.

It’s not about easy rolling

When you begin, the terrains will be easy but after few minutes you will be landed to some different terrains with a hell lot of problems. And you need to take care of every step you are taking in every second.

Levels and rewards

Let’s talk a little about the points and the rewards when you complete each level. Once you have crossed one level, you will get another place compiled with many other tough terrains and obstacles. By completing every level you will get some upgraded machines which are more stable to roll with.

There are twenty levels but trust me completing the first level will leave the impact of heavy skills you need to pass every level.

Tips and Tricks to play the game

Let’s come into the game tricks and helps. Here are the few tips which you can apply while playing this game. These may help you to understand the whole game properly and what you need to do every time while a hurdle comes.

  • Tap the “UP” arrow twice when the hurdle is big, for an example take a tall wall which you have a cross. Otherwise, in all cases, you can tap the “UP” arrow for a single time to cross the hurdles.
  • Use the “UP” arrow when you are about to climb an inclined plane and press the “Down” arrow while coming down from an inclined plane!
  • Pressing the “LEFT” arrow starts retardation and slows you when any moving object comes in front of you while the “RIGHT” arrow speeds you up.

Take the Challenges of this unblocked game and start the game right now and sharpen some skills so that you can get an edge over your friends while playing in school’s computer. No doubt, it’s an utmost interesting unblocked game for the kids.

Aptoide is a kind of distributed marketplace mainly for the mobile applications that run on the Android OS. In Aptoide, unlike the default Google play store, there is not a centralized as well as unique store, and however, the user manages his own store.

However, this app is utilized for using the stores openly as well as there is a large number of divisions in the app such as Apk, Tor, and F-Droid.  It is the first Android autonomous marketplace which includes a wide range of different apps on it.  Most of the individual has this question on their mind that why do they need to use Aptoide apk application and Why Aptoide marketplace is the best one.

Of course, this is the usual question in many people’s minds. Fine, the following below-given reasons will help you to get the clear answers for your respective questions. The Aptoid is an ideal option for those who are unable to access Google play store.  If you are facing any kind of issues on Google Play store, in case if it is not opening properly on your device, then this app is going to aid you.

It happen several numbers of times that later while rooting their devices people are not capable of accessing Google Play Store as well as cannot install any type of apps. This is one of the normal issues with the android device.  If any kind of software updates or else a reboot may not permit you to access the play Store however along with the Aptoide Apk application then your issues will be solved through this app.

Aptoide is safe to use-

Aptoide application is presently providing around more than three lakh applications as well as from the respective name can be derived that the APT-style repositories are also employed by using this app.

  •    If you have utilized the Linux OS for Windows, then you shall be habituated along with this operating layout.
  •    However, if you don’t have Linux earlier, then also it won’t be difficult for you.  In addition, it also permits you to have your individual repository for sharing the apps within various other devices.
  •    The format of the Linux OS features; can also promise that this application is totally safe for your device.  
  •    Aptoide guarantees the security throughout the certifications program provided by the editor for controlling the apps.
  •    The applications are also provided by this App store are totally free thus you need not require a license service.  

Moreover, there is a relevant detail regarding the packages descriptions that represents the safety measure such as malware, signature justification as well as 3rd party justification.

Fine, you may afraid to trust this information regarding the app. But, the real truth is the application is reliable as well as very safe to use.  Aptoide Anti-malware platform analyses various applications when it is running as well as disables the potential threats from every store. These are some of the major reasons which help you to know that Aptoide marketplace is best for other application. Go ahead and have aptoide download for free easily!!

Tubidy is an application for apple phones and tablets. You can easily search the music file from the internet and download it your mobile phones and listen to them. This app is mainly designed for apple phone but it can be downloaded to android devices, but however due to not meeting the legal rights and agreements, it is not available in the Google Play Store but still you can download it through other sites which allow you to download the android apps besides Google Play Store for example Get Jar, Mobogenie, Slide Me and others.


This site does not host any music files in its server but it helps you to find and lets you download the music files from other third party servers. Basically, it works as a mediator between you and other hosts which allow you to listen to free music and download them.

This app provides you with different features for your conveniences. Some of them are as follows:

  • This app lets you search the music files online for free

When you search for any songs through this app, this app searches on the internet for file name on the internet and it displays the numerous results for your search and if you want it you can either listen online or download the files.

As the server of this app does not host any files, sometimes users may face the problem of downloading different music files. It will be difficult for a user to find the original songs and playlists as this app depend upon different server for those music files. All this app does is find the files with the same name and displays it to you and you have to decide yourself whether the song is original or not or you want to download it or not.

  • You can browse your user profile and playlists anywhere and in anytime

After you log in the apps, it stores your profiles and information about your profile on the internet. This helps you to browse your user profile and playlists anywhere in anytime. In case you lost your phone or you want to listen to your playlists in your friends mobile, you can simply log in to your profile from any other device and browse your playlists and enjoy your favorite songs.

  • It has simple interface platform so that you can easily manage your local playlists and music files

The developer had developed the interface simple and easy. The commands are very easy and you can easily manage your local play lists in your device without any difficulties. You can easily delete the files you don’t want, create your new play lists, manage existing playlists and delete the play lists if you are tired of listening to the tracks and playlists for many times. Almost similar features are also available in mp3 skulls but it has a better UI as compared to tubidy and is one of the competitors of this service.

  • You can share your playlists with your friends

You can not only listen your playlist in other device but also you can share your favorite playlists with your friends and get their favorite lists in your phone.

Homeschooling is a new way of educating the kids at home. This schooling system is being more and more popular and also effective for the children as they are well educated by their parents at home under full control.

The curriculum for homeschooling is similar in the school but the difference is in school they are taught by various teachers whereas in homeschooling the kids get an education in their home being under full control from their parents.

Homeschool curriculum is regarded as a wise by many parents whereas some expert thinks homeschooling and its curriculum is not so good. As they think, the kids will miss the new experience to meet with new friends and new world and to deal with them. Various parents and experts reviewed this curriculum as good and bad ways. Some of the reviews of the parents and other experts regarding the homeschooling curriculum are:

Pros of Homeschooling

Less pressure to handle for the kids

Children won’t need to handle huge pressure from the teachers regarding their assignments and duties of the school. They can learn the things with cool mind and as they are taught by their parents, they will learn with more fun. As in school, they will be taught by the teachers and get pressure from different teachers for different subjects

No pressure of studying and being punished

Kids can study without any hurry. They can study as per their convenient time. There won’t be any punishments if they can’t submit the assignment in time. As sometimes, students have good reason for not being able to do their assignment but due to rules and regulations, they will be punished physically or they will be pressurized mentally


Study with a joy

The learner can learn with a joy. They don’t have to face the bullying from their friends in homeschooling. They can learn with a joy in their home with their parents. Whereas if the kids are learning by going to school, they might face the bullying, punishment, follow unnecessary rules and regulations and have mental pressure. But if they are homeschooled, they will get rid of all of these problems.

Also, the kids can continue their studies after middle school and do their high school online. They can get their online high school diploma through Homeschooling.

Cons of Homeschooling curriculum

Boring for kids and parents

Sometimes kids and parents might feel boring to have always needing to face each other 24 hours a day. This will reduce the interests of teaching and learning for parents and kids.

Carelessness from the kid

The kids might ignore to care for their assignments and other educational activities as they are assured that they will not be punished badly like in school. So they probably ignore the assignments and work which is harder and complicated by which their education will be badly hampered.

No extra activities for the kids

When you are homeschooling, your kids will miss the opportunity to explore the extra fun such as through educational tour, sports week, visits for educational purposes, practical works and stuffs in computer labs and science labs and more.

Everyone gets connected to the music very easily. The development of the technology have made it easy to access our favorite music. You can now use your mobile phones to listen to the music online or offline whenever you want.

Music helps you to get relaxed and stress free and various Android music downloader apps helps you to listen to your favorite music. There are many apps available for you to choose from. Followings are some of the best music downloader for Android:-

4Shared Music downloader

You must have heard about the 4shared website which is used to share the different files online. It has also introduced the music download app for the mobile phones including iOS or Android. The app helps you to easily download and listen to your favorite songs in the internet. Once you have found your song, you can download it by simply tapping on it.

The app provides you 15 GB free cloud storage which you can use to sync your favorite songs. Similarly you can also create and manage your playlist easily.

Music Paradise

Music Paradise pro is also one of the popular best music downloader if you use Android device. This Ad free app is included with the features such as high quality music, search and download the songs and listening the offline music. Similarly it also offers the feature to play the radio in the Android phones.

Google Play Music

If you love music then it can be one of the best app for you. The app is designed in such a way that you can play your songs from your device or stream online. There are more than 20,000 songs that you can choose from to stream and download. And for offline entertainment, you are provided with the Radio inbuilt.  

You need a Google account to create and manage the playlists. With the My Library feature in it you can sync the music with your other devices.

MP3 Music Download Pro

This MP3 Music Download Pro app helps you to search your favorite music easily on the internet. There are millions of songs from where you can download your favorite one for free of cost.   The songs are searched and downloaded using the free public search engine.

With the app you can search and download the lyrics of the songs too if available. The interesting feature of it is that you can cut the song and set is as your ringtone. It works as the multi-download app as you can download up to 3 songs at the same time.


RockMyRun is another great option if you are looking for the best music downloader for your Android device. The application lets you to stream and download your favorite songs very easily for free of charge. However, many great features can be accessed if you use the paid version.

You can use one account to sync all your songs. “My Beat” feature is added to it which helps to play the song as per your Heart beats per minute. However, this feature has only been made available for IOS devices. We hope it will update this interesting feature very soon for the Android device too.